Welcome to Physics Den

Welcome to Physics Den

Posted by sailorzi | 02 Jul, 2017

Welcome to Physics Den!

We are a website that aims to hosts physics problems related to published research. Approaching a new research field can be daunting and confusing. In order to generate ideas, one has the need to learn around the given topic. Having a set of problems to complement reading through papers can give a student clear intermediate goals to accomplish, and intuition.

Researchers can find an interests in promoting their research by writing a problem set to popularize it and break the knowledge barrier. We are looking forward to receiving problems from you! If you are a researcher, here are some reasons for which you could consider writing a problem or more about your research:

  • If you have written a specific code library, you could write problems showing people how, and for what cool purposes, they could you use your code
  • If you’ve written a paper relying on theoretical steps that you do not have space to elaborate on in your journal paper, you could write problems that brake those steps down, and built the intuition of a person unfamiliar with your research
  • If you made use of certain procedures to perform data analysis, you could write a problem that guides a person to replicate your analysis steps
  • We are open to any ideas and format for problems creation, coming from anyone in the community
  • The problems will reference your research, so they can help popularize your research and make it accessible

If you are excited about someone else’s research, and want to dive into it and write some cool problems on it, please submit your problems to us. We welcome them with open hands.

Problem solvers are in for some great fun. Solving challenging problems is both a pleasurable activity and a clear tool for independent study. We provide a medium for learners to independently breach the gap between class material and research at no cost. Our website aims to exhibit collections of original problems for each subarea that go beyond textbooks, relying on inductive chain learning to build the knowledge of the user with an interest in science.

Problem solvers can see the solutions only after they have submitted the correct answer. They struggle to solve the problem, and then see what would have been the most efficient way of doing it.

We hope you enjoy writing, or solving and learning through the problems!

- The Physics Den Team